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Hope Realty, Inc.
216 Broad Ave Suite 3
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
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As a sales representative, I have had the privilege of working with numerous buyers and sellers over the past six years. Much of the properties that I have handled are in the beautiful town of Palisades Park where I have lived for over 25 years now. It has been a joy helping newcomers purchase a home here and become part of the community, as well as assisting long-time homeowners relocate to their own dream home.

Much of the charm of Palisades Park is its very convenient location. It is only a 20-minute commute to Manhattan on the very well planned transportation system that runs along the town's main streets. However, the close proximity has not negated a homey atmosphere as it has maintained a lovely and peaceful family-oriented environment. The success lies in friendly neighbors, an active police force, good maintenance of township needs, and excellent oversight by town officials.

The town has grown in recent years due to the developing of brand new duplex-style homes. As developing began to progress rapidly, I began to specialize in the marketing and selling of these duplexes. And as the market grew, I had, had to expand my own team to include four licensed assistants and other clerical staff. We have become very proficient in providing good customer care before, and even after the closing of the sale.

Although our specialty is brand new homes, we continue to receive and care for a variety of residential listings in Palisades Park and other surrounding towns such as Leonia, Fort Lee, Paramus, Edgewater and Ridgefield. Again, my team is set up to effectively assist with each those listings.

In short, I feel it is our obligation to provide the best care whether it is to help first-time buyers and investors or assist homeowners with the rigors of selling their home. My team and I are capable and ready to help YOU with all of your real estate needs! Please feel free to call us or visit us.

Gina Seo
Broker/Sales Representative
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