This is KoreaPortal. The word "Internet" is being used as a symbole of Information. Internet has brought us so much change to our world. It is even called as a "Revolution". Because of Internet, which has an immense Infomation like the ocean, we could fully voyage without any national boundary.

KoreaPortal came out in this ocean of Information using the Internet to create more convenience in business, immigration, life, living environment. The value that KoreaPortal is seeking, is Happiness, trust and convenience.

Our hope is to make a foundation of your immigration life providing you a trustworthy and correct information and service. To make a Korean community, which has a warm heart and trustworthy information, we will connect all the Korean resident that is worldwide spreaded, by making diversity of Korean community which will also serve to increase the international relationship and national confident encouragement. By using Korean global community, we will do our best to provide you a community that has an easy exchange of information and a convenient environment in business.

We will work hard to make a pleased service to those who visit our KoreaPortal and to our KoreaPortal members. Furthermore we will take the challenge for the endless creation of value and for the happiness of people. We will do our best for the development of Internet and to contribute to the Korean society receiving confidence from you.Please have an expectation of variety of happiness that KoreaPortal will offer you.


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