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IMMANUEL GENIUS (New York, Flushing, Bayside After
163-15 Oak Ave.
Flushing, NY 11358
교육의 중심, The Center of Learning!
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We believe that nursery school is an important stepping stone along with the path toward independence. Children gain self-confidence in their first school environment when there is respect for their individual differences in temperament, learning styles, and rates of growth. Children learn from experience. They learn from each other. They learn through play. It takes time.

It is important to us that children like school, and that they see it as a place designed for them to be with friends and to take part in interesting and stimulating activities. Young children are active learners. Through a hands-on play approach, children can explore their environment through their senses and experiences. Our inclusive program focuses on the whole child so that his/her social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs can be met. Our goal is to create an environment where each child grows to love learning and becomes an active learner.

The Immanuel Genius program offers the finest education to children ages two to six. Children are introduced to emergent literacy skills in reading, writing, math, and science. Arts and crafts, music, dance (ballet), and sports (Taekwondo) are also included in the program. As we know, children are wonderfully inquisitive. We nourish curiosity and encourage individual strategies to enhance discovery learning. All children are unique and possess different gifts and interests. At Immanuel, our goal is to find each child’s talents and abilities and help them discover their unique individuality.

With the continual guidance of parents and teachers, a solid foundation will be established where upon each child can grow to their full potential. Individual levels of progress are encouraged. The cognitive process is more important than the product.

Another valuable aspect of our program is the fostering of the spiritual development of our students. The Good News of Christ, His truth and His life is integrated into every aspect of our school. Children are encouraged to incorporate service into their lives and open their hearts to all people.

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