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간송 한의원
123 Grand Ave.
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
Depression Stress Infertility Autism ADHD ADD
Insomnia Physical Pain Car Accident
Medical Insurance Accepted
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Services (서비스)
Energy Acupuncture
Patients will know the results (relief) in one minute incases of physical pain or discomfort. In more than 90 percent of the cases, patients will get better in one minute or spontaneously. Even depressed patients will feel the change right away.

Customized Treatments
50 billion people on this planet means 50 billion different herbal prescriptions

Other Treatment Techniques
We practice traditional, classical, and 5 element acupuncture. We are dedicated to offering targeted treatments to maximize results and minimize the number of needles used. To manipulate and optimize your energy, we utilize needles to target those locations where the mind and physical body connect. We resolve both mentaland physical problems with no pain, 1-4 needles, and customized herbal remedies.
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Bo Kyung Lee
제가 결혼한지는 4년이 됬구요. 임신을 계획한지는 1년 2개월이 되었네요. (나이: 32) 워낙 애기들을 좋아해서 임신을 정말이지 간절히 바랬었어요. 지난 1년동안 할 수 있는건 다 했습니다. 운동. 배란일 테스트기. 친정엄마가 한국서 보내주신 한약먹기. 임신에 좋다던 음식 챙겨먹기…(복분자, 석류~등등!) 그렇게 해도 1년동안 아무런 소식이 없던 차에, 동생이 한국에서 놀러왔는데요. 극성 두통때문에 거의 죽을 지경이었어요. migraine약을 제일 센걸 먹어도 아무런 소용이 없었으니까요.
우연히 간송 한의원에 가게 되었는데, 글쎄 침 한방에 말끔히 두통이 사라지더라구요. 거짓말 같죠? 절대 아닙니다. 원래 선생님 침 실력은 정평이 나있더라구요. 너무 신기해서 저두 임신 상담을 받게 되었습니다. 선생님 처방에 따라 약을 딱 한달동안 한재 먹었구요. 한재 먹자마자 바로 임신했습니다!!! 정말 거짓말처럼 1년동안의 기도가 이루어진거에요. 간송한의원 강력추천입니다. 최고에요!!!!!!!

Eliza F.
Dear Reader,
I started seeking acupuncture treatment with Dr. Choi over a year ago because I needed help in dealing with anxiety and stress. I am a firm believer in natural medicine and opted to try this prior to going to a traditional Western doctor who would more than likely prescribe medication.
Prior to starting my acupuncture treatment, I was finishing up my final semester of graduate school, all while studying for my Series 7 Brokerage License.  To put it lightly, I was a wreck, both mentally and physically.  I had severe skin problems, suffered from stress, often felt tired, and had trouble sleeping.  It seemed as if being so driven and goal oriented was really taking a toll on me.  All in all, I knew I needed help.
I originally started going to see Dr. Choi between two and three times a week, a minimum of 35 to 50 minutes per session, depending on how much time I had.  Within a month I noticed drastic changes.  For starters, my skin started clearing up, I no longer had trouble sleeping, and was able to concentrate better as I felt less stress. 
Over a year later, I still continue my acupuncture treatment between once and twice weekly.  I am also able to effectively perform at a very stressful job on a securities trading desk / Front Office of a brokerage house.  One of the longer term results of my treatment my ability to remain cool, calm and collective in even the most stressful of situations.  I am also able to focus more effectively and am better equipped to deal with stress.  I feel more energetic and am able to sleep better.  Not to mention, my skin has completely cleared up. 
In short, I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who would rather remedy their ailment(s) naturally, as opposed to the Western belief of medicating themselves.  Acupuncture is the best way to cure any ailment safe and naturally, as well as from the inside out.  I am living proof, as I feel wonderful in comparison to how I felt over a year ago.
Yours truly,
Eliza F.
Bergen County, NJ
간송한의원 (최재호 원장님)은  신문, 인터넷, 각종 미디어를
통해서도 자주 만나실 수 있습니다.
[중앙일보] 간송 한의원 '오행·오색·오성' 의 조화로 치료 (09.23.08)
"정확하게 집은 침자리 하나가 사람을 살릴 수 있다는 신념으로 진료를 하고 있습니다." 뉴저지주 팰리세이즈파크의 간송한의원(원장 최재호)에서는 일반 한의원과는 다른 분위기를 느낄 수 있다. 대기실을 비롯해 진료실과 상담실 등 모든 공간은 벽지와 시트, 커튼이 각각 의미가 있는 한가지 색깔로 꾸며져 있다. 상담실은 정신적인 안정과 희망을 주는 황토색 계통을…[원문보기]

[Q&A] 임신중에 한약을 복용해도 되나요?
요즈음 많이 계몽이 되었지만 아직도 임신 중에 한약을 먹어서는 안되는 줄로 막연히 알고 계시는 분들이 있는 것 같다. 태아가 커져서 출산이 어렵지 않을까, 혹시나 기형아가 나오면 어쩌나 하고 우려하는 듯한데 여기에 대해 알아보자. 첫째, 태아가 커지는 것은 대개 …[원문보기]
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