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Jeremy Lin, Knicks top NBA jersey sales
작성일 : 12-02-15 15:29 
   http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/knicks/post/_/id/11845/jeremy-lin-kni… [1080]
So long, Derrick Rose, and perhaps every other NBA superstar this season.

After the Bulls point guard led the league in jersey sales on the NBA Store's online website, Jeremy Lin took over the No. 1 ranking from Feb. 4 to 12, according to the NBA, and he may never relinquish that spot.

In fact, Lin single-handedly made the Knicks the No. 1 team in jersey sales during the same stretch on the website and at the actual NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Overall, Knicks' merchandise is up 200 percent compared to this time last year.

Lin has been such a global phenomenon that even folks in Latin America are placing numerous media inquiries with the NBA to get a chance to talk to Lin.

Last season, the NBA had its strongest one to date in China via television, online and mobile. Now, thanks to Lin, those properties are soaring to new heights. China's CCTV has had a 39 percent viewership rise and NBA.com/China has amassed 4.7 billion page views (a 43 percent increase from 2010-11).

The NBA's Asian TV partners are requesting more and more games, and ESPN actually hosted a TV party in Taiwan for the Knicks-Lakers game on Feb. 10. An estimated 350 people were expected to show up, but 1,200 did and it became a standing-room-only event.

Lin's followers on Sina, the Chinese version of Twitter, have almost quintupled, from more than 190,000 on Feb. 2 to some 916,000 through Tuesday. Here in the States, Lin had more Twitter mentions last week than LeBron James, and Lin-sanity will only continue to grow.


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