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Five things you didn't know about Jeremy Lin!!!
작성일 : 12-02-15 15:23 
   http://www.usatoday.com/sports/story/2012-02-15/Five-things-to-know-ab… [773]

The Linexplosion of information about New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is as overwhelming as his sudden rise to fame. Here are five of his life experiences that tell you what the 23-year-old is really all about:

High school playing time

Lin scored 17 points in Palo Alto (Calif.) High's 51-47 state Division II basketball championship March 17, 2006, against Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif), which was ranked No. 11 by USA TODAY.

Lin had a penchant for dramatic plays even then. With Palo Alto holding a 44-42 lead, Lin made a desperation three-pointer — banked it in — with the shot clock about to expire and 2:04 left in the fourth quarter.

"When we won the state championship," his high school coach, Peter Diepenbrock, said of his time with Lin, "we went back to the high school, and it was like, 'Great job, but did you see what the robotics club did?'"

Other high school activities

Lin was the editor of his high school newspaper, the Paly Voice.

Here is a collection of his stories and columns, including this excerpt of his writing from a story on winning the state championship:

"Before this year, winning a state championship was a stretch of my imagination. After that goal became reality, my natural tendency was to give myself the credit for the win.

"However, the more I think about the experience, the more I understand that I deserve less and less credit. I realize I could have done absolutely nothing without the support of so many other people, and I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude."

Away from high school

Lin interned for California state Senator Joe Simitian.

"I pick up the paper and, all of sudden, I'm reading that the guy who used to Xerox papers in my office scored 38 points against the Lakers," California state Senator Joe Simitian told USA TODAY in a recent cover story.

"He was a relatively quiet kid, very polite. Obviously, he was a bright kid with a lot of talent — and he shows up in my office and wants to answer the telephones and do the Xeroxing.

"I would call myself a casual basketball fan. He scored 38, and Kobe (had) 34, right (in the Knicks' win Friday vs. the Los Angeles Lakers)? For me to know what two players scored in a game, I wouldn't normally know that off the top of my head.

"For anyone who ever had a dream, this is a great story."

Harvard playing days

Lin's college career high in points was 30 points at Harvard — once in his junior season against Holy Cross and once in his senior season against Connecticut, ranked No. 13 at the time in the USA TODAY coaches' poll.

Lin also had nine rebounds, three steals, three assists and two blocks in Harvard's 79-73 loss to the Huskies

"He's a terrific basketball player," UConn coach Jim Calhoun said then. "What I really like about him is he's athletic, more than you think so. He controls his temperament to a really nice tempo. He knows how to play. He's one of the better kids, including Big East guards, who have come in here in quite some time. … I really love his composure."

NBA potential

Lin wasn't exactly unheralded at Harvard. After his senior season, ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla said Lin was one of the 12 most versatile players in college basketball.

Another early believer: Former NBA point guard Gary Payton, who is from the Bay Area, and followed Lin through high school and college.

After watching and working out with Lin, Payton encouraged several NBA executives to give Lin a shot.


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