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☆☆☆☆☆☆KPOP STAR Survival Auditions in VANCOUVER☆☆☆☆☆☆
작성일 : 15-07-07 02:14 

국민 최대 오디션 프로그램 SBS KPOP STAR가 시즌 5로 다시 찾아왔습니다! 올해 해외 오디션 로케이션으로는 케나다 벤쿠버가 선정 되었습니다. 차후 자세한 공지가 올라올 것 이니 많은 관심과 기대 부탁드립니다.
미래의 스타, 여러분들의 참가를 기다립니다!
연락처: Kpop_can@sbs.co.kr

The Annual Global Audition, KPOP STAR Survival Auditions are COMING SOON to the US! Currently, anticipating an audition held in Vancouver for the NW region. 
More information will be released soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements! 
The World is Waiting for You!! 
The Most Realistic Opportunity to become a STAR!
We look forward to have as much support and even more interests from the community as from past years! Thank you!!
Canada - email : Kpop_can@sbs.co.kr

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