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[구인] Cookie clicker
 글쓴이 : ruecker
   https://cookie-clicker2.co [24]
Whether you're young or old, Cookie Clicker is a classic and timeless game that will please everyone. The fact is that almost everyone enjoys cookies, regardless of whether they are baked with cookie dough or chocolate chips in them. With the help of this article, I will teach you the best cookie clicker game tips for beginners, ensuring that your cookies always operate flawlessly.
Towards the center of the screen, there is a large cookie design. Regardless of how you prefer your cookies, following these simple steps will enable you to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Make More Perfect Cookies – a lot of them Step-by-Step Instructions are Highly Appreciated
- CURSOR: When you cross the threshold of 15 cookies. Automatically clicks once every ten seconds - GRANDMA: When you reach the milestone of one hundred cookies. A sweet grandma will appear and prepare additional cookies for you. Because of this lovely woman, your cookie business will flourish - your cookies will become more popular in the neighborhood, and eventually your goods will be known throughout the entire town.
- FARM: Take your business to the next level by purchasing a cookie farm and growing additional cookies.
In order to extract cookies from deep inside the Earth, you'll need to build a factory that can create cookies on an industrial scale after you've extracted a large quantity of cookies from the mine.
- Becoming well-known, as well as the cookie ECONOMY alters the world around it - chocolate pollutes the rivers, there is an obesity crisis - and it is transforming the world around us. However, people all across the world are too addicted to cookies to give them up - experts claim that "cookies permeate the economy" and that "we cannot live without cookies" - and so they must continue to use them. The cookie has become so popular that it has been adopted as a kind of currency by all banks - Thousands of people gathered at TEMPLES to pray for Baker. There is no value, there is no sense in anything other than cookies, and you can produce hundreds of thousands of cookies per second before things become overwhelming - In the next level, you will construct WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS to summon cookies - After that, you will fly in SHIPMENTS from Earth to alien worlds - After that, you will open more PORTALS to parallel dimensions, taking in millions of cookies per second to satisfy your need 

As a result, aliens and cosmic elders come to sample your cookies, and entire cities are destroyed in a trans-dimensional catastrophe; nonetheless, the system cannot be halted; it can only be expanded, and cookies are all we know. As soon as you are ready, you can ascend to a completely new universe– you will leave the mortal world and enter a higher plane of cookie existence, where you will be able to purchase rare Heavenly Upgrades. Then you are reincarnated in a new game, with no cookie clicker, and you have to start over from the beginning. Meanwhile, you retain certain upgrades and perks from the previous version in order to reach and surpass your previous position.


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